There are a few different ways that you can install BlobBackup.

Installing a Release

If you are looking to install a release version, you can either download the latest version directly from our home page or from the Github releases page.


Once you download the Mac version, just open the dmg file and copy the BlobBackup app into your Applications folder. You will have to right click > open the application if you're using BlobBackup for the first time as the binary has not been code signed.


Once you download the Windows version, just open the executable and follow the instructions on screen to setup your application. You may see a blue window warning you about opening apps from an unknown publisher. You can click "more info" and run anyway if you see this. The binary has not been code signed.


# After unzipping the downloaded version

chmod +x BlobBackup/BlobBackup

# Or alternatively if you want BlobBackup to run in the background

Installing from Source

To test a source version, you will need to have a python 3.7 environment set up. The source will likely compile with most python 3.X versions but it has not been tested with anything other than 3.7.

Miniconda is a great enviornment management tool and is what we use when developing BlobBackup. We create a miniconda python 3.7 environment like this and activate it before following the other steps.

conda create -n py37 python=3.7
conda activate py37

First clone the repo.

git clone

Install the dependencies.

pip install -r requirements.txt

# on windows, also install this
pip install pywin32

Run the application.

cd src

Currently, there is no way to install BlobBackup as a pip package on your python environment. We package all releases with pyinstaller anyway so this hasn't been a priority to set up.