BlobBackup Documentation

Welcome to the BlobBackup Documentation. If you find something confusing, missing or wrong, please file an issue on our Github page!

What is BlobBackup?

BlobBackup is a desktop application for your Windows, Mac or Linux computer that lets you create encrypted, incremental, and highly space efficient backups to any storage of your choice while being extermely easy to use.

BlobBackup has built-in scheduling, cloud suport, highly efficient data de-duplication, compression, end to end encryption, file history and much more. Everything you need to sleep better at night knowing your data is protected is packaged into one neat, minimalist app.

Other Backups Programs

BlobBackup takes inspiration from a number of other wonderful backup tools and hopes to combine many of their best aspects. Backup tools that were studied in the building of BlobBackup include: Restic, Vorta/Borg, Duplicati and Duplicacy. Have a look at the Data Format page of the documentation if you're interested in the internals.

Note: eventually, I'd like to do a comparison of sorts between the tools listed above and BlobBackup...eventually:)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use BlobBackup for Free?

Yes! BlobBackup is licensed under GPLv3 and hence FOSS (Free and Open Source).

What Storage Providers does BlobBackup support?

BlobBackup supports Local, Network and most major cloud storage providers. You can check out the backup page to see what is currently suported. New storages will be added based on user demand and I'm looking into an Rclone integration as well.